Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science
A color photo showing students in front of Gates Hall

Majors and Minors

Interested in computing and its impact on society? Cornell Bowers CIS offers multiple, flexible paths to a degree that will prepare you for a leadership role in the data-driven information economy.

Navigating your undergraduate journey

Cornell Bowers CIS provides a solid foundation in technical expertise, strong fundamentals, and theory, preparing students to solve problems across multiple domains and help graduates become the leaders, thinkers, and doers of tomorrow.

Students wishing to pursue one of the Cornell Bowers CIS majors must apply to Cornell Engineering (for computer science or information science, systems, and technology), the College of Arts & Sciences (for computer science, information science, or statistical sciences), or the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (for biometry and statistics or information science).

Graphic to explain admitting colleges for Bowers CIS majors