Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science
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The following minors are offerend through Cornell Bowers CIS:

Actuarial Science

Offered universitywide, students in this minor will develop strong analytical skills, business knowledge, and a technical understanding of actuarial science.

Artificial Intelligence:

Available starting Fall 2024

Offered universitywide, the minor in Artificial Intelligence is available to undergraduates from any major. It is a technical minor that has a number of pre-requisites including courses on computer programming, probability, calculus, and linear algebra. The AI minor provides students with a solid foundational understanding of the algorithms and techniques that underlie AI capabilities like machine learning, automated reasoning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.

Biometry & Statistics

Offered through the Department of Statistics and Data Science, this minor trains students to use statistics, mathematics, computing and other methods to solve problems in diverse fields.

Computer Science

Offered through the Department of Computer Science, the minor Computer Science is for undergraduate students who anticipate that computer science will have a prominent role to play in their academic and professional career. It is designed for students in all majors to supplement their primary studies. 

Data Science

Offered universitywide, the minor in Data Science equips students from any major with a solid understanding of the tools of data-driven discovery. It is offered through the Department of Statistics and Data Science,

Game Design:

The Game Design Minor is available for all undergraduate students with a strong interest in Game Design as an extension on their major studies and future academic and professional careers. It is offered to through the Department of Computer Science. 

Information Science

The minor in Information Science is available to all students, in every undergraduate college at Cornell. It is offered through the Deparment of Infomration Science. Students will specialize in a particular area of interest in Information Science by choosing classes from one concentration that will provide in-depth study in that area.


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