Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science
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Career Resources

Looking for a career after graduation? Here's where to start.

Undergraduate Career Resources

Each undergraduate college at Cornell has a career center. 

Graduate Career Resources

Professional Masters (M.Eng and MPS)

Ph.D. Resources

Connect With Alumni

The Cornell alumni network numbers more than 250,000, including more than 5,000 Cornell Bowers CIS graduates. Networking with alumni can be an effective tool in helping you connect with the right job. Find out where Cornell Alumni are working.


Join a student group

Our student groups host information sessions, tech talks and networking events with prospective employers. Getting involved with a student group will give you access to top employers looking to hire for internships and full-time positions. You can even take a leadership role as a corporate relations liaison and serve as a student contact for companies like Google, GE, eBay, Wayfair and Bloomberg, to name just a few.

Visit this website for a list of student groups and organizations

Explore entrepreneurship

Cornell offers a variety of resouces for students who are interested in starting their own businesses or exploring an entrepreneurial path.  ​