Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science

Mixed-Reality Driving Simulator a Low-Cost Alternative

By Tom Fleischman for the Cornell Chronicle

Cornell Tech researchers have developed a mixed-reality (XR) driving simulator system that could lower the cost of testing vehicle systems and interfaces, such as the turn signal and dashboard.

Through the use of a publicly available headset, virtual objects and events are superimposed into the view of participants driving unmodified vehicles in low-speed test areas, to produce accurate and repeatable data collection about behavioral responses in real-world driving tasks.

Do robots need clothes? Yes, for form and function

By Adam Conner-Simons for the Cornell Chronicle


There’s no shortage of people who dress up their babies, bunnies or puppies. But what about robots?

Besides a stray feline Roomba, very few people are investing energy into putting clothes on robots. Cornell and New York University researchers say that now’s the time to think more actively about when, how and why we would dress them, now that robots are likely to be popping up more regularly in our factories, stores, offices and homes.

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