Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science

New recommender system provides fairer search results

September 16, 2022

Cornell researchers have developed a fairer system for recommending items — whether a hotel, job-seeker, or the next video in the queue — so that a few top hits don’t get all the exposure.   

The new ranking system still provides relevant options, but divides user attention more equitably across search results. It could be applied in any two-sided market, such as travel sites, hiring platforms, and news aggregators.

Thorsten Joachims appointed inaugural Associate Dean for Research

Thorsten Joachims is the inaugural Associate Dean for Research for the Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science, Dean Kavita Bala announced today. 

“As the college’s research opportunities continue to grow, a new college-level role is needed to position Cornell Bowers CIS for global leadership in research,” said Dean Bala. “Thorsten has a distinguished record of award-winning research and of working across departments, colleges and disciplines — important skills that will help him elevate and expand research at Cornell Bowers CIS at this critical juncture.”

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