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Wensha Zhang smiling


Wensha Zhang named 2016 William Lewis Brown Scholarship recipient

Master's in Information Science student Wensha Zhang is the 2016 William Lewis Brown Scholarship recipient. Focusing on applied statistics at Cornell, Zhang received her undergraduate degree in statistics from Remin University of China. She has been fascinated with statistics since reading the book, The Lady Tasting Tea, when she was 17 years old. "After reading the story that the American National Academy of Science utilized interval estimation to research the ozone layer problem and was able to raise public concern of the pollution problem, I was totally fascinated by the magic power of statistics," Zhang said. Zhang has been enjoying Cornell's beautiful and traditional campus, including exploring all the distinctive buildings, waterfalls and attending Homecoming. "After graduation I aim to become a statistician and make a real contribution to our world," she said.

William Lewis Brown received his BS and MS in computer science from Cornell. Following his untimely death, his wife, Geetha, honored his legacy with this computer science graduate scholarship.