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Three CIS Profs Involved in ISS Collaborative Projects

Three CIS professors are part of the Institute for the Social Sciences (ISS) new collaborative projects. IS Prof Rene Kizilcec is a project member on "Pro-Social Behaviors in the Digital Age," which will explore theoretical mechanisms of anti- and pro-social online behaviors with the goal of creating effective, practical interventions to encourage pro-social behaviors in digital spheres. Rene is partnering with professors from communications, organizational behavior, and the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research.

Stats Prof Marty Wells and IS Prof Solon Barocas are partnering on an interdisciplinary project titled "Algorithms, Big Data and Inequality," which is exploring the growing role of algorithms in society and their capacity for perpetuating and exacerbating inequality. Other researchers include faculty members from communications, science and technology studies, and organizational behavior. 

ISS collaborative projects enable Cornell faculty members from different disciplines to build bridges across the university and examine a significant social science topic from interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches.