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2017 post-graduate report for MPS Statistics grads


See what our Statistics MPS grads are up to!


The Statistics MPS 2017 post-graduate report is out! Through this survey, we learn about how well our MPS graduates did in finding jobs after graduating. For prospective students, it's a quick look at how a master's degree in statistics from Cornell can help land positions in industry. 

Here are some highlights:

• Job positions include data scientist, data analyst, statistician, engineer at companies like Cisco Systems, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, PNC, and Procter & Gamble 

• the average full-time salary of our '17 graduates is just shy of $80,000 

• 52 percent landed their jobs through an online job posting (without on-campus interviews); 30 percent obtained employment through a referral, personal contact and/or networking.

Have a look here.