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Nwamaka Imasogie smiling


Nwamaka Imasogie, MSEng ’16: Cornell Tech as a Springboard for Start-up

Nwamaka Imasogie holds a master’s degree in computer science from Cornell Tech. She is the CTO and co-founder of Gitlinks.

Looking to expand on her computer science skills and also start a software company, Nwamaka had been accepted into four of the top graduate programs in the country. Cornell Tech ended up being her top choice because of its “extreme focus on entrepreneurship.”

“My experience at Cornell Tech was eye opening and nothing short of amazing,” said Nwamaka. “We had a tremendous amount of exposure to New York’s tech scene. We delved into iterative approach to product design and development. I created several applications including a blockchain app for JP Morgan, a mobile app and machine learning solutions. Cornell Tech encouraged cross-functional groups where computer science students worked closely with MBA students.”

As it turns out Nwamaka ended up founding her start-up software company with Cornell Tech MBA student Ian Falou and fellow computer science master’s student Nicolas Joseph. Gitlinks was a Cornell Tech Startup Award winner and is a flourishing company helping to provide safeguards against open source threats. Nwamaka is overseeing engineering and software development. “I am keen on guiding our technology choices and user experience design. Our company is doing great, our progress and journey thus far has been truly amazing.”

Before co-founding GitLinks, Nwamaka founded a marketplace business that she grew to profitability and also worked as a software manager and engineer at Chevron. She is the inventor on two technology patents and plans to create amazing tech products in the future. “The ability to create is fulfilling,” she said. “Cornell Tech allowed me to do that. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”