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Utkarsh Mall: Online retail images reveal skin tone discrepancies

May 12, 2022

By Tom Fleischman for the Cornell Chronicle

When Lee Humphreys ’99 noticed that models for a retail company – one known for its diversity – appeared lighter-skinned in still photos than in videos, she didn’t think it was intentional.

She reached out to the CEO, who promised to get back to her. She was eventually told that the discrepancy must have been because of her own computer.


‘Underground maps’ segment cities using fashion, AI

By Tom Fleischman for the Cornell Chronicle


Cornell computer scientists have developed a new artificial intelligence framework to automatically draw “underground maps,” which accurately segment cities into areas with similar fashion sense and, thus, interests.

How people dress in an area can tell a lot about what happens there, or is happening at a particular time, and knowing the fashion sense of an area can be a very useful tool for visitors, new residents and even anthropologists.

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