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René Kizilcec chairs ACM Conference on Learning at Scale at Cornell Tech

May 24, 2022

By Louis DiPietro

Cornell Tech will host the 2022 ACM Conference on Learning at Scale beginning Wednesday, June 1. 

The three-day, hybrid conference gathers scientists and industry leaders in learning, computing, and data science who investigate digital learning environments that can support many learners, including online degree programs, mobile learning applications, intelligent tutoring systems, and more. 

Kizilcec: Testing AI fairness in predicting college dropout rate

To help struggling college students before it is too late, more and more universities are adopting machine-learning models to identify students at risk of dropping out.

What information goes into these models can have a big effect on how accurate and fair they are, especially when it comes to protected student characteristics like gender, race and family income. But in a new study, the largest audit of a college AI system to date, researchers find no evidence that removing protected student characteristics from a model improves the accuracy or fairness of predictions.

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