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photo of GammaTech team


GrammaTech Takes Silver in DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge

GammaTech's Team TECHx brought home the silver in DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge held on August 4. In the world's first all-machine hacking tournament, GrammaTech and its partner the University of Virginia played an automated game of capture-the-flag in the name of cyber-security ressearch and development. DARPA had challenged the global innovation community with a $2M prize to build a computer that could hack and patch unknown software with no one at the keyboard. GrammaTech's team with their robot Xandra earned second place, securing a $1M prize.

GrammaTech started as a technology spin-off from Cornell University. Chairman, CEO and co-founder Tim Teitelbaum was a Cornell computer science professor from 1973-2010. His fellow co-founder, Thomas Reps, received his PhD in computer science from Cornell. GrammaTech is a leading develop of software-assurance tools and advanced cyber-security solutions.