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Many resources, tips and articles for building a strong resumé

A strong resumé is what is going to get you noticed and get you interviews. Although statistics show the average employer spends only a few seconds initially looking at a resume, in that few seconds they are forming a first impression of you. You want that impression to be favorable, so presenting a resume which is clear, concise and still conveys all the information a potential employer needs to select you for further consideration.

Tools for creating a winning resume:

  • Cornell Career Services Guide:  A helpful guide of information spanning the timeline of your job search. Find tips on resume and cover letters and much more.

  • Optimal Resume is a career management platform available through Cornell Career Services

  • Tailoring your resume: in some cases it is beneficial to tailor your resume for a specific job. Discover why to tailor your resume and how to do it.
  • Additional Tips and Articles: find some useful tips for creating an effective resume and read up on current trends and what employers want to see in a resume.