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Prepare and Explore

Preparing for a job search is a step often overlooked by people but it is essential to ensure you are organized and ready for the process. There are many good resources and tools available to guide you through the steps for managing a successful job search.

M.Eng/MPS Engineering Career Commons: Start with these Canvas modules, created to give you an in-depth look at the most important aspects of the job search. 

Resume: Resources and tips geared toward helping you create a resume.

Handshake:  A web-based system Cornell uses to share career-related information including on-campus recruiting events, job and internship postings, and many other useful career research resources. Create your profile, upload your resume and complete the tutorial to be able to participate in on-campus recruiting. 

LinkedIn: Tips on creating a profile and using LinkedIn for your job search.

Professional Web Portfolio: Who needs one, what is it and how to assemble.

Elevator PitchLearn how to explain what makes you unique in less than one minute.