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Job Search Tips

Tips and Articles on the job search, International Students Challenges, Cornell Career Service's Recruiting Policies

Cornell Career Services Recruiting Policies for Students Be sure to read and understand the on-campus recruiting policies set by Cornell Career Services. The policies were established for students to provide guidelines for interactions with on campus employers and  for the on campus recruiters to provide standard policies to insure fair treatment of the students. 

International Students’ Job Search  Multiple strategies and resources can be found on these pages from Cornell Career Services


Bookmark: Bookmark your favorite job search boards then search them whenever you have an opportunity.  Your job search does not have to be completed all at one time.

Job Alerts: Some job search boards allow you to sign up for e-mail alerts when new positions which fit your profile are posted. 

Job Titles: We sometimes dismiss a potential opportunity because of the posted job title.  The title might read “Sr. Job Developer” or “Master Data Employee” and we automatically think we are not qualified for the position based on the use of "Sr." or "Master."  Such titles might mean the employer is looking for candidates with masters degrees rather than  bachelors degrees and not actually looking for candidates with as much experience as you might think.  Read the entire job description to determine if your skills might be a fit. Don't assume it is always for someone with more experience.