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Obtaining OPT, Student Offer Policies, Post Graduate Survey, Counter Offers, References

Student Offer Policy

In order to insure that Cornell students are treated fairly by companies recruiting on campus Cornell Career Services has established a policy which outlines how employers are expected to deal with offers and how students are expected to interact with employers throughout the offer and negotiation phase.

Please read and abide by the Student Offer Policy in order to maintain a strong relationship between Cornell and employers.

International Students: Work Authorization

International students who are planning to work in the US after graduation are required to apply for OPT (Optional Practical Training.)

Important Tips:

  • Update your address with all the parties that need it such as ISSO office, National Customer Service Center, and US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  
  • Understand the US Work VISA process
  • In some fields, the competition to find an employer who is willing to sponsor an H-1B visa can be significant.
  • Once you receive an offer and have secured OPT the next hurdle is to be selected in the H-1B lottery where there can be close to 300,000 applicants for a cap of 65,000 regular + 20,000 (masters) spots.
  • If you plan on staying in the US, you should make sure H-1B Visa sponsorship is part of your employment offer.
  • It is often helpful to calm your fears by thinking about plan B or to plan a worse case scenario so that you are prepared for rejection if it occurs. 
  • Information on H-1B Visa 

Negotiating the Job Offer

Reference Checking

Who should I choose for references? How do I format a reference sheet? How do I ask someone to be my reference? 

Choose the right person and the right format. The best candidates to be references are usually defined by what the employer asks for so please read carefully about the type of request. Do they want personal references, work references, past supervisors, professors, or do they not specify? If they do not specify, consider asking someone who can speak well about your skills as they related to the position opening. 

Always ask people if they would be willing to be a reference for you before you list them on a reference sheet. It is nice to also send a copy of the job description and remind the person about the skills that you have that relate to the position so they can provide the best reference.  Make it easy for them.


Who To Ask For References  

How to ask someone to be a reference