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Research The Company

Resources and Tips to Research Companies

It is important to know as much as possible about the companies you will potentially be interviewing with. There are several ways to research a company and many resources available.

  • Don't get caught not knowing at least the basics about the company with whom you are interviewing.
  • Knowing about the company, it's organization and their history will provide you with the background .to recognize what questions you should ask and even what kind of employee they are searching for.
  • Researching one company may lead you to other interesting companies and maybe even in a new direction. 
  • Johnson Library Many ways to research companies through the Johnson College of Business Library

    • Includes links to Hoover's Online a product of Dun and Bradstreet which provides comprehensive compmany profiles and more.

    • and CareerBeam which is a resource for company information, employment and hiring trends. Directed more towards Healthcare, Hospitality and Retail industries, but you may be surprised. You can sign up for access with your Net ID.

  • Cornell Career Services has many resources.
  • Glassdoor   Has a company review section where you can search for a company and read what people have to say about working there.

  • Guide to researching Companies  Quintessential Careers has a lot of information and tips for not only researching prospective employers, but also most every aspect of the other job search 

  • Google - of course simply searching for information on the company you're interested in learning more about on Google will provide you with many resources to choose from.