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CS Major to compete for 2018 Hult Prize


Computer science major Sonia Appasamy '19 and Kevin Lam '18 have been selected from more than 100,000 applicants to compete in the regional competition for the 2018 Hult Prize. The prompt of this year's Hult Prize is to bring energy across the world. Sonia and Kevin have strong interest in social and environmental entrepreneurship and are creating a community-based solution to teaching basic scientific concepts in remote parts of the world. "By building shared 'citizen' lab spaces, commercialized science will be made available to everyday Americans. We propose a space that allows everyone to use proven technology to create their own energy, capture lost energy, and preserve the energy they have," said Sonia. Sonia and Kevin will travel to San Francisco for the upcoming regional competition. The Hult Prize mission is to inspire, activate, build and fund startup solutionis to some of the world's most pressing issues.