Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science
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CIS Students Top Players at Hackathons

CIS students continue to be top players in recent hackathons. In the world's first Animal Health Hackathon held in partnership with the Cornell Vet School, CIS students comprised 48 of the 125 students involved. The first place team in software was made up entirely of computer science students: 

Anirudh Maddula, Engineering BS CS '20

Laura Lin, Engineering BS CS '20

Richard Zheng, A&S BA CS '20

Xian Xu, Engineering BS CS '19

Click here for more information on winning teams at the Animal Health Hackathon.

In addition a recent Virtual Reality Hackathon in partnership with Samsung was held in New York City. The first team in travel was comprised of three computer science and two information science students. The first team in education was five computer science students. Each winning team received a VR headset, 360 VR camera and a Samsung phone.

Out of 66 participants at the VR Hackathon 35 were CIS students.