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CIS Professor Helping Lead the Way for New Roadmap for AI Research

The AI research agenda for the next 20 years is being made now and Computer Science Professor Bart Selman is at the forefront. As president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Selman is integral in a plan to develop a roadmap for AI research for the next 20 years. At a recent AAAI meeting leaders gave a first glimpse of a possible future national AI strategy. Commissioned by the Computing Community Consortium and working with the NSF, major themes in the report include: integration of key AI systems; better understanding of human intelligence and emotion; training robots to learn by example; and how people interact with AI systems.

"If you want to do common sense knowledge, if you want to do true natural language semantics, you need a good knowledge base; we need a large, shared resource that will be developed across the country, said Selman at the AAAI meeting.