Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science
photo of Workday Lab sign

Gates Hall Building Campaign Donors

Donors are critical to supporting and expanding the CIS academic and research mission.

As a testament to our interdisciplinary focus and broad reach, our supporters include alumni and friends from almost every Cornell school and college, parents of our students and corporate and foundation partners.

Ezra Cornell Circle
Photo of the Verizon Innovation Laboratory
The Verizon Innovation Lab houses Information Science's Interaction Design Lab and People-Aware Computing Lab

John E. Alexander

Ann S. Bowers

David A. Duffield

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Kenneth A. Goldman

Jeffrey C. Hawkins

Ronni Lacroute

Rohan N. Murty

Michael L. Nash

Gary Retelny

Rodney S. Rougelot

The Pew Charitable Trusts

David M. Thompson

Andrew W. Verhalen

Verizon Foundation

Michael J. Zak

Robert M. Zeidman

President’s Circle
Photo of the Workday Laboratory
The Workday Laboratory houses Computer Science's Systems Lab

Anand Chandrasekher

Andrew J. Galligan, Jr.

David A. and Barbara T. Heiner

Daniel P. Huttenlocher

The MacArthur Foundation

Microsoft Corporation

John M. Rivlin


Dean’s Circle

Abraham Gutman

Daniel H. Miller

Jessica C. Traynor

Michael E. Wacker

Tower Club

David Auerbach


Google, Inc.

Elliot M. Paull

Quadrangle Club
Photo of the Freethought 1 conference room
Offering stunning views of the atrium below, the Freethought 1 and 2 conference rooms provide much needed meeting space for the CIS community.

Jennifer K. Anderson

Bank of America Foundation

Collene M. Burns

Heather S. Burns

Jonathan Chang

Susan Su-Chin Cheng-Looi

Douglas T. Franklin

Sanford S. Gotlib

Ian J. Herman

William M. Hsu

Bjorn B. Levidow

Jonathan M. Ludwig

Morgan Stanley

MSCI, Inc.

Charles D. Phlegar

John P. Schalk

Keith B. Stobie

Charter Society

Brandon R. Bray

Eric Frackleton

David R. Hanna

Austin Kuan-chun Lin

Charles W. Redding II