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Rewind AI - a personalized AI powered by everythin

An Le

Studies show that 90% of memories are forgotten after a week. Just like our hearing, our memory gets worse as we get older. If we have hearing aids for hearing and glasses for vision, what’s the equivalent for memory?

What if we could use technology to augment our memory the same way a hearing aid can augment our hearing? Rewind AI's vision is to give humans perfect memory through software solutions and AI wearable that can help you keep track of what you've said or heard.

Interaction Design for Children with ASD

Michael Liang, Daria Kot, David Bruk-Rodriguez, Pika Cai, Zhao Hang

Interaction Design for Children with ASD focuses on creating tools and environments tailored to the sensory needs of autistic children. We design adaptive solutions to either dampen overwhelming stimuli for hypersensitive children or enhance sensory experiences for hyposensitive ones, aiming to foster comfort, engagement, and effective learning in a safe, inclusive setting. We will present 6 demos and videos of physical devices showcasing the context of these solutions.

Grow Grow Giraffe

Francisco Kyriacou, Ibrahim Ismail, John Fernandez, Marcus Kim, Matthew Karwan

In a quest to win the Giraffe Space Race, players assume the role of a giraffe with an ever-extending neck. They must use their elongated neck to evade obstacles and destroy enemies on the treacherous journey to the moon.

Light Everywhere

Hsin-Ming Chao, Shivani Shrotri

Light Everywhere is a light module that can move across various surfaces, from floors to walls to ceilings. It features magnet-embedded wheels, an RGB LED ring, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to control it via an app. Its mobility enhances the spatial functionality, providing users with the freedom to customize lighting scenarios. It enables the light to adapt to user behavior rather than constraining human activity to fixed lighting locations.

Autonomous Wave Robot

Bhadra Bejoy

This wave robot made for Prof. Petersen's CEI lab assists in construction. It can manipulate granular material by digging, building, and leveling. It is autonomous and creates complex terrains using localization and feedback control. It uses a very simple "heat dissipation" style algorithm that uses the orientation of the robot to control the speed of the robot to accomplish this.


Simon Ilincev, Rishi Gurjar

Supercharge your cold emails with ColdCraft, our AI-powered outreach companion. We integrate with Google Calendar, LinkedIn, Gmail, and your resume to seamlessly craft effective, personalized cold emails that save you time and keep your recipients engaged. Thanks to rich configuration options and dedicated Chrome extensions, cold emailing goes from twenty minutes to two clicks.

Samaritan Scout

William Rosenthal

Samaritan Scout is the world's first search engine focused exclusively on helping you find volunteer opportunities that align with your passions and parameters. We aim to make the process of finding and participating in volunteer work seamless, efficient, and rewarding. Through our platform, we seek to inspire a culture of service and empower individuals to make a difference in the world.

Lagos Food Bank Initiative Volunteer Platform

Jason Zheng, Akinfolami Akin-Alamu, Labadan Mika

Hack4Impact Cornell is building a volunteer management platform for Lagos Food Bank, a non-profit food bank based in Nigeria with 24,000 registered volunteers, to streamline and transform the organization's volunteer management process. On the platform, volunteers can create accounts, register for events, and track their volunteer history and past events. Supervisors can create/edit events and track volunteer attendance at events by signing volunteers into a digital attendance sheet.


Jingtian Wu

REVIEWER2, an innovative two-stage framework, revolutionizes the peer review process by generating detailed, aspect-focused reviews for academic papers. By modeling key review aspects, it offers comprehensive feedback to authors, overcoming the prevalent issue of generic reviews. We are building a demo system, accessible through a web interface, that demonstrates REVIEWER2's efficiency and its advantages for both authors and reviewers.


Jacob Kerr, Mitchell Gray, Owen Ralbovsky

SPEED is the Scalable Platform for Efficient Execution of Distributed Testing. It is a distributed test execution system with dynamic sharding. It speeds up unit testing of very large projects by splitting the tests onto multiple machines instead of just one machine.

Community-Driven Chinese Dialect Education

Phyllis Ju, April Chen, Chao Zhang, Jane Guo

In China, while major dialects like Cantonese and Sichuanese thrive in daily life and mainstream media, many lesser-known dialects are at the risk of extinction, because fewer and fewer people are speaking dialects. Our project creates a digital solution for preserving all Chinese dialects. Our solution aims to increase the visibility of Chinese dialects, facilitate their transmission, and offer a just and equitable representation for the unique cultures and histories embedded in each dialect.

Eatery: Dining Made Easy at Cornell

Antoinette Marie Torres, Candy Wu, Funmi Olukanmi, Gregor Guerrier, Thomas Vignos

Navigating Cornell's dining scene has never been more tailored and convenient, thanks to Eatery. Serving over 9,600 students monthly, our app transforms how you discover and enjoy meals on campus. Beyond viewing up-to-date menus for 10 dining halls and 20+ unique eateries, users can 'favorite' their top dining spots, compare menus, and soon, get notified when their preferred dishes are available.

Bam: A Better Way to Watch YouTube

Bennett Santora, Abhimanyu Kumar, Alex Thom

BAM is an extension that rewards you for doing what you already love; watching YouTube. Our rewards include badges to showcase a fans loyalty to their creator, to discount codes, ensuring a tangible incentive for our users. By converting watch time into experience points, BAM gamifies YouTube to encourage community engagement and make it more fun.

Ithaca Transit

Maxwell Pang, Amy Ge, Eddie Chi, Jonathan Chen, Lauren Jun

Ithaca Transit: Your ultimate solution for navigating Ithaca's public transportation. Our app provides real-time bus schedules, routes, and updates, ensuring you're always on time. Whether you're a student rushing to class or a local exploring the city, we've got you covered. Simplify your commute and download Ithaca Transit today!

Groove that Goob

Mikayla Lin, Ashley Xiang, Leon Carranza, Shania Cabrera

Abduct the Milky Way’s Oracle Jukebox located at the top floor of a penthouse party as the shapeshifting, absorbent Goob, fully equipped with a ravenous appetite for melodies, mankind, and mosh pits. Groove that Goob invites you to a galaxy where rhythm meets stealth. Dance your way through the vibrant disco, face off in deadly dances, and absorb the essence of the party to orchestrate a cosmic comeback!

AlzPredict: ML proteomic test for Alzheimer's

Mingyi Shao, Tong Chen

AlzPredict is a proteomics-based test that leverages machine learning to achieve early detection of Alzheimer's disease. Proteome alterations can be observed up to 10 years before cognitive decline. Early detection of Alzheimer’s will allow early intervention that could slow down and possibly prevent the disease onset. The dataset used contains mass spectrometry-based proteomics data from ten studies.


Daniel Baldeo-Thorne, Alexia Adams, Dani Ramos Ojeda, Jose Vizueth, Matthew Mentis-Cort

Our group is creating a search engine that takes in a censored book title or its theme and provides a list of other books and resources from the US based on a book query and a genre/topic. Regions where the books are banned and where the books can be accessed will be included in the book list.

VisionSpeech - Voice Input for 3D Design Tutorial

Hao Chen

We present VisionSpeech - voice input system for design tutorial in Virtual Reality. With a single voice command, users can get rid of the need to go down the hierarchy layer by layer. In this way, beginner artists can find their target functions faster, and advanced designers can enhance their workflow by quickly accessing spread-out items in the complex hierarchy. VisionSpeech provides cross-platform compatibility, including Meta Quest, Apple VisionPro, and integration of custom input devices.


Elizabeth Moon, Arushi Jindal, Fanny Zheng, Larry Tao, Mohanty Adya

Glimpse combines IoT technology with POS systems to offer real-time insights into restaurant food waste. By using labeled bins to categorize and weigh waste, our system provides actionable data to help businesses optimize supply chains, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. This enables targeted discounts on surplus items, supports food donation, and enhances composting efforts, ultimately aiding in efficient inventory management and waste reduction.


William Leung, Daniel Parker

Amidst the mother bear Ursa’s tireless hunt to feed her cubs, a sinister plot ripples beneath the surface. The salmon army, driven by desperation, has evolved legs and kidnapped the cubs, casting an ominous shadow on the serene snows above. Now, players must guide Ursa on a perilous journey through treacherous terrain teeming with vengeful salmon to rescue her children. In a twist on the classic stealth genre, Ursa's white fur allows her to blend in with the light protecting her from danger.


Jesse Cheng, Cathryn Li, Janet Luo, Yanran Li

A common challenge faced by students is the overwhelming nature of where to begin exploring due to Cornell’s vast campus. To address these issues, we’re building CornellGO: a scavenger hunt to make discovering Cornell both fun and easy. By gamifying the exploration process, CornellGO aims to guide students through the vast array of landmarks, hidden gems, and cultural experiences available on campus, turning what can be an overwhelming experience into an exciting adventure.


Daniel Polhamus, Elaine Ran, Katherine Chang, Natasha Becker, Samantha Smith

Our project, Arden, is a video game focused on puzzles and strategy. Players will embark on a quest to ascend a crumbling skyscraper amidst an industrialized, post-apocalyptic world. To beat levels and ascend the tower, players must strategically construct hedges and plan movements, guiding a single tumbleweed to destroy the obstacles that lie between them and the next floor.

Customizable Wordle Optimal Solver

Ahan Mishra

I was inspired by the 3b1b video about the best possible first word of wordle. I made an interface for a generalized solver that anyone can use to develop strategies and had a large amount of customization, including allowing priors on the guess/actual words and word lengths.


Vanessa Tam, Caitlyn Jin, Corwin Zhang, Isabella Hoie, Yucheng Shu

Uplift is an all-in-one fitness app made for Cornell students. We aim to boost students' physical activity with easy access to gym facilities, class schedules, and activity information. It encourages an active lifestyle through goal tracking and reminders, ensuring students can seamlessly incorporate exercise into their busy schedules for a healthier campus life.

Reverse-Engineering and Optimizing Compiler

Ethan Uppal

Apple doesn't provide documentation on how to create native executable files on MacOS. To provide a resource for aspiring compiler developers and the world in general, I reverse-engineered the format, wrote my own documentation, and am writing a compiler from scratch in C that directly generates these files.

Resell, a Cornell Marketplace

Nancy Duong, Dennis Quizhpi, Julia Kwon, Richie Sun, Zach Seidner

Resell is a Cornell-centralized secondhand shopping platform where students can buy and sell secondhand items without an added fee. Resell provides a space for students to buy necessities at a reduced price, while also providing an opportunity to sell their own items to practice more sustainable consumption. Resell provides an edge over other existing marketplaces by guaranteeing that only students can exchange with each other, reducing risk of scams and harm.

Queue Me In office hours hub

Richard Gu, Benjamin Tang, Nidhi Soma, Sia Harisingani, Sophie Wang

Ever taken a class with long office hour wait times, lines out the door, where students had to write their names on a whiteboard to get help from a TA? QueueMeIn streamlines this process by providing a queue for students to line up, either in-person or virtually, and receive help efficiently. Professors can configure specific times, links, and other settings specific to an office hours session, as well as view analytics for how to improve these sessions to benefit more students.


Ronald Jabouin

GetMeHome makes it easy to quickly find the most convenient tickets across multiple different bus services. Enter in where you would like to leave from, where you’re going, and the date of the trip, and you get the cheapest bus rides for that trip. After searching you can further filter by price, departure time, arrival time, and other factors. Currently the app supports bus routes between Ithaca, NYC, Syracuse, Syracuse Airport, and Newark, NJ.

Oasis of Ideas

Yuvraj Sarda

Oasis of Ideas is an online platform for sharing and discovering ideas for businesses, research projects, products, games, documentaries and any basically other kind of project you can imagine. It's a space where you can share any project ideas you have that you don't see yourself pursuing, so that other people (who are looking for project ideas) can pick them up and work on them, thereby bringing your ideas to life.

Development in Games Association at Cornell

Noah Braun, Brianna Brianna, Elisa Sicilia, Gabby Loncke, Galiba Anjum

DGA is Cornell's game development club, and we would like to exhibit at BOOM to show everyone what we do for Cornell's game development community. We will primarily be exhibiting the game we have been developing as a club this semester, but we will also be there to talk about the development challenges, alumni and mentor workshops, educational sessions, and social events that we host.

AI Earnings Call Summarizer

Maggie Cui, Ethan Narang, Jake Ludgin, Jun Choi, Sydney Ho

A web-based application that utilizes generative AI to filter earnings call audio live to extract and highlight financial information and financial metrics allowing equity research data analytics and comparisons. Qualitative information will be condensed into a generalization of the speaker's sentiments and overall performance of the company. Quantitative metrics are presented in a tabular format and could be used to automatically generate useful outputs like comps models and valuation models.

SmartClick: A Novel Segmentation Tool for Medicine

Collin Li

Liver cysts characterize a multitude of illnesses ranging from liver cancer to autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD). Labeling of these cysts in CT/MRI images is referred to as segmentation, but manual methods are long and tedious. This study proposes a novel program that combines deep-learning and levelset with a novel interactive recursive tool: SmartClick. Compared to manual segmentation, SmartClick performed with similar accuracy but faster by ten-fold.


Ronald Leung, Rishi Gurjar

As powerful as LaTeX may be for typesetting mathematical notation, many students struggle with adopting it because it is slow to type out and has a challenging learning curve. Latexify offers a solution to digitize handwritten work into multi-page, formatted LaTeX documents through a website. Powered by a combination of state of the-art language and vision models, Latexify can help students submit their handwritten assignments in LaTeX or review and search through messy class notes.

Mr. EzPz

Muhammad Jee, Alsa Khan

Mr. EzPz is an AI-based learning suite that understands each student's class materials, personality, and learning preferences to deliver hyper-personalized academic support. Mr. EzPz centralizes students’ learning resources and provides AI-enabled learning tools to help them understand their class content, practice for exams, and map their academic growth. For institutions, we offer control over AI interactions with students, academic dishonesty monitoring, and student performance analytics.

E-Waste Calculator

Madeline Yeh

The E-Waste Calculator is a full-stack project that integrates information about the material ethics of computing to localize the E-Waste problem to the individual level. The site features an interactive e-waste calculator, recycler locator and policy breakdown of state laws regarding technological repair and recycling. This project seeks to empower individuals with the tools and understanding necessary to take action against E-Waste and promote a more circular economy in tech.


Charles Chen, Vincent Jiang, Jason Guo

Loophole platforms is a reels-based social media platform that is transforming the creator space through a unique multiplayer server experience. Our app offers unique privacy, security, and interactivity features that elevate the user experience. With funding from the Beck Entrepreneurial Fellows program, we're currently releasing a beta test with plans to release a full version in early April.

FORMA - Virtual AI Personal Trainer

Darren Key

Forma is an iOS application that employs machine learning to monitor, assess, and adjust your physical form by analyzing 29 distinct key points in three-dimensional space. Users can upload videos of them completing various exercises. From there, our state-of-the-art ML models analyze how these key points move in 3d space and compare your stance to the ideal form as recommended by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).