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Staff Awards

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The four annual awards recognize staff members in the Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science for their accomplishments, performance excellence, and significant contributions to the college’s mission and community. 


Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognizes a newer staff member who has been a part of Bowers CIS for a minimum of one year and is within three years of their hire date at the time of nomination. 

Nominees have effectively demonstrated:

  • Excellence in their job performance, positive contributions to their department and the college, as well as exceptional collegiality and service to constituents.

  • A pattern of exceeding the responsibilities of their position in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to departmental success and ambition to progress in their current role.​​

​2024 recipient 

Megan Adams, Assistant to the Chair, Statistics and Data Science


Staff Innovation Award

The Staff Innovation Award recognizes a staff member who embodies the spirit of innovation, a core component of the Bowers CIS mission. The award is given to a staff member who applies creativity to develop new or improve existing processes, methods, systems, or services, and encourages others to do the same. 

Nominees have effectively demonstrated the following:

  • Generates valuable ideas that have helped to develop new or improved processes, methods, systems, programs, or services for their team, department, or the college.

  • Identifies a situation or problem and approaches the solution from novel perspectives to address challenges in an innovative manner.

  • Clearly defines requirements and resources needed to implement new ideas with a practical, task-oriented mindset approach to innovation.

  • Considers constraints that limit innovation and works within them to create novel approaches.

  • Finds ways to make the most out of existing resources.

  • Converts ideas from general concepts into action plans; swiftly moves from ideas to implementation.

  • Develops an effective solution to a difficult problem in a productive manner or improves a solution’s overall effectiveness through a new method or approach.

​2024 recipient

Robert Nicholl, Student Employment Specialist & Student Services Assistant


Exceptional Performance Award

The Exceptional Performance Award acknowledges and provides recognition for a staff member who consistently demonstrates superior professional achievement and the pursuit of excellence within and beyond their position. Nominees serve as professional role models for the college.

Nominees have effectively demonstrated the following:

  • Performs superbly in fulfilling the key job duties of their position.

  • Demonstrates exemplary service to students, faculty, staff, and other members of the college community.

  • Job performance and dedication that have advanced and enhanced the college’s mission.

  • Serves as an effective and cooperative team member, significantly exceeding the goals/objectives of the department/unit.

2024​ recipient

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Becky Stewart, Associate Director of M.S./PhD Program, Computer Science


Award for Excellence in Inclusion & Belonging

The Award for Excellence in Inclusion & Belonging recognizes an individual within Bowers CIS who has demonstrated an exceptional understanding of inclusion and belonging, a key priority for the college.

Nominees have effectively demonstrated the following:

  • Innovative methods for increasing and valuing diversity.

  • Outstanding efforts to promote an environment free from bias and discrimination.

  • Serves as an outstanding advocate for belonging at the interpersonal, unit and/or institutional level.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to creating a culture of inclusion and belonging within their areas of influence and models respect or inclusive treatment when interacting with others.

  • Has implemented an initiative, project and/or program that cultivates/advances/models inclusion and belonging at Bowers CIS.​

2024 recipient

Sue Shipman, Associate Director of Human Resources



  • Nominations for the inaugural awards are open until January 22, 2024 and will be announced in spring 2024. 

  • Individual staff members may be nominated for one or more categories.

  • Nominators must submit a statement with specific examples of how the nominee successfully demonstrated the qualities and characteristics outlined in each award category.

  • Self-nominations are welcome. If you would like to nominate yourself, please provide the names and NetIDs of two to three individuals who can support your nomination.

  • Supporting materials are welcome but not required.

Selection Committee:


  • Cornell Bowers HR Director 


  • Associate Dean of Administration and Finance

  • Director of Administration, CS

  • Director of Administration, IS

  • Director of Administration, SDS


  • All Bowers CIS benefits-eligible staff members in good standing (i.e., not engaged in a performance management process) are eligible to be nominated.

  • All nominees must have been with Bowers CIS for at least one year.

  • Winners will be ineligible to win in the same category for five years. They will be eligible to win in other categories.

  • Members of the Staff Awards Selection Committee are not eligible to receive any of these awards.​