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CIS at a glance:

  • Founded: 1999
  • Current Dean: Greg Morrisett
  • Departments and Programs:

              Department of Computer Science
              Department of Information Science
              Department of Statistical Science
              Program of Computer Graphics

  • Department faculty: 60
  • Number of students in CIS degree programs (2013): 830

              Undergraduate -  482 (CS: 343, IS: 120, DSS: 19)
              Professional Masters - 180 (CS: 100, IS: 25, DSS: 55)
              PhD - 168 (CS: 118, IS: 25, DSS: 25)

  • Total student enrollment (2014): ~7,000
  • Number of undergraduate classes taught (2013): 92
  • Percentage of CS undergraduates employed or in graduate school (2013): 97%
  • Average reported starting salary for CS undergraduates (2013): $94,457 (up 24% over 2010)
  • Average reported starting salary for CS graduate students (2013): $98,233 (up 19% over 2010)

Faculty and student awards and recognitions:

  • Two CIS faculty are among the winners of the A. M. Turing Award, widely thought of as the computer science equivalent of the Nobel Prize: John Hopcroft (1986) and Juris Hartmanis (1993).
  • Two CIS faculty, Jon Kleinberg (2005) and Paul Ginsparg (2002), and alumna, Daniela Rus (2002), have been honored as MacArthur Fellows, commonly refered to as the MacArthur Genius Award.
  • CIS faculty include seven members of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) four of which are also members of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Only one university has more faculty members who are both NAE and NAS members.
  • Among its faculty, CIS has six Microsoft Faculty Research Fellows. Only one university has more.
  • CIS counts among its faculty two winners of the Academy Award for Technical Excellence, Doug James and Steve Marschner.
  • More than half of CIS's computer science faculty (17) are fellows of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the world's largest educational and scientific computing society.
  • CIS is tied for the most winners of the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Award. One male undergraduate and one female undergraduate receive this award among all undergraduates in North America studying any area of computing research. Cornell's five winners since 1995, the inception of the award, are: Allegra Angus, 2002; Omar Khan, 2003; Tal Rusak, 2009; Justin Cheng, 2011, Vera Khovanskaya, 2013. CIS faculty member, Noah Snavely, also won the award as an undergraduate in 2003.
  • CIS counts among its alumni such technology leaders as the head of search at Google, the brains behind Facebook's news feed, the co-founder of Blackboard, the creator of Microsoft's PowerPoint, and the former CTO of Twitter.