Institutes & Initiatives

CIS offers a number of opportunities for students and faculty to engage in collaborative education and research.

Computational Social Sciences

Cornell University has the interdisciplinary character to face the new challenges in social sciences and is at the forefront of developing the new field of computational social science.

Center for the Interface of Networks, Computation and Economics (CINCE)

CINCE is the leading research group at the interface of computing and information science and the social sciences, an emerging area which is growing in importance nationally.

Cloud Computing @ Cornell

Cloud Computing @ Cornell highlights the multi-disciplinary Cloud Computing projects from across Cornell. We are a hub to connect faculty and students working in the field.

The Game Design Initiative at Cornell (GDIAC)

GDIAC is an interdisciplinary collaboration of students and faculty dedicated to the academic study of game design.

Institute for Computational Sustainability

Computational sustainability applies computational methods to improving the sustainbility of the environment, economy and society.

Cornell-Princeton Center for Network Programming

The Center for Network Programming supports research on language, algorithms, and tools for network programming and facilitates closer interactions with partners in industry and government.

Program of Computer Graphics

Founded in 1974, the PCG is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the development of interactive computer graphics techniques and the use of these techniques in a variety of applications.

Initiative for Cryptocurrencies & Contracts (IC3)

IC3 is an initiative of faculty members at Cornell University, Cornell Tech, UC Berkeley, UIUC and the Technion. IC3 is collaborating with domain experts in finance and banking, entrepreneurs, regulators and open source software communities toward fast and reliable financial systems of executiona and record.