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René Kizilcec Cornell Center for Social Sciences grant


By The Cornell Center for Social Sciences

The Cornell Center for Social Sciences grant program, which supports social science research by Cornell faculty members and conferences that directly benefit Cornell faculty and students, has awarded $142,636 for 15 proposals for fall 2021.

A primary goal is to fund research projects likely to lead to external funding. The center is particularly interested in jump-starting research by junior faculty. It also supports research by faculty teams spanning social science disciplines or units and interdisciplinary projects led or co-led by social scientists. The maximum award is $12,000.

René Kizilcec, an Assistant Professor of Information Science, graduate field member in Communication and Physics, and founding director of the Future of Learning Lab at Cornell University, received two grants:

Rene Kizilcec, Information Science

Learning at Scale Conference at Cornell Tech

The annual Learning at Scale conference brings together social scientists and computer scientists who study how technology can support learning in a scalable, sustainable, and equitable manner. In 2022, the conference will be hosted at Cornell Tech from June 1st to 3rd. Cornell faculty and students are encouraged to attend this year's workshops, panels, keynotes, paper and poster sessions.

Heeyon Kim, Hotel Administration René Kizilcec, Information Science

How University Status Impacts the Stigma Attached to Online Degrees

This study will explore how having an online degree, as opposed to a conventional residential degree, influences the hiring decision of job candidates. We especially focus how the status of the university that issued the degrees impacts the potential negative evaluation of online degrees.


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