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Gates Hall

Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Learn more about the inception of the Bill & Melinda Gates Hall, construction, dedication and news about the building in use in this informative blog.

Gates Hall Webcam Live View of Bill Nye's Solar Clock

Gates Hall has a new live webcam on its roof that allows anyone to see the Bill Nye (Class of 1977) Solar Noon Clock atop Rhodes Hall. The Solar Noon Clock marks solar noon each day in Ithaca. The webcam allows viewers to control the camera, including pan, tilt and zoom controls. The clock and webcam are both gifts from Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The clock incorporates a solar noon feature that channels sunlight into a tube that illuminates a sun-shaped disc on the clock face for several minutes each day, marking the sun's culmination, or highest point in the sky. This moment, also known as solar noon, rarely coincides with actual noon.

Photo of Bill Nye speaking and the Solar Noon Clock